December 6, 2023

Zimmer ITMA Stall Witnesses Difficult To Cope With Visitor Numbers

Austrian Digital and Rotary Textile Printer manufacturer, Zimmer said ITMA 2023 brought crowds of visitors, which was difficult to cope with at times.

“It is a clear sign that not only the omnipresent topic of sustainability, but innovative solutions for carpet and textile production are also of great interest,” Zimmer said.

According to Zimmer, the introduction of the new Colaris printer generation with up to 16 colour groups and a newly designed ink circulation system without need for a vacuum, ensures a stable print run and high-quality print results, was the highlight at its stall.

The Colaris printer also has a possibility to operate the printer with multiple ink families and come with the Seiko RC1536 printhead generation which assures lower energy consumption.

“The open ink system philosophy of Zimmer is continued as it offers the customer to choose from a wide range of certified ink suppliers which helps to reduce ink costs and be free from supply constraints,” the company added.

According to Zimmer, the Colaris vision camera detection system comes in two different versions.

The first ‘Match Print to Cut’ includes an individual piece goods recognition and outline masking with automated computation of the print mask positioning and customisation of the design.

While, the second ‘Match to Print’, is a roll-to-roll print process with seamless detection of a pre-imaged fabric followed by a registered print.

The system has an automated distortion compensation which ensures that the print is fitted precisely into the given structure on a web.

The design can be fitted exactly despite of any weft-misalignment or shrinkage from fabric preparation in the pre-print process.

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