July 13, 2024

CCI Promotes India-U.S. Textile Partnership With Focus On U.S. Cotton

A media roundtable led by Cotton Council International (CCI) highlighted strategic India-U.S. textile trade partnerships, emphasizing U.S. cotton as the favored choice for Indian spinners. On June 19, in New Delhi, the “COTTON USA™: Weaving Threads of Unity between the U.S. Cotton and Indian Textile Industry” event delved deeper into this collaboration.

India’s textile industry was poised to reach $350 billion by 2025, making it a pivotal market for U.S. cotton. CCI Executive Director Bruce Atherley had stated, “Our discussions today underscore the strategic significance of this partnership in fostering sustainable practices and economic growth in both nations.”

At the COTTON USA™ event, CCI engaged with U.S. Embassy officials and leading Indian textile manufacturers, alongside the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol®, Supima, and global cotton industry leaders. The agenda included a high-level panel on “Celebrating Women’s Influence in the Fashion and Textile Industry.”

While India’s textile exports had grown by 6.91% year-on-year in March, achieving its ambitious $100 billion export target by 2030 would require collaborative efforts and robust trade channels. The talks highlighted synergies between U.S. cotton and Indian stakeholders, paving the way for a fruitful partnership benefiting Indian spinners, textile mills, and manufacturers.

Marc Lewkowitz, President and CEO of Supima, had expressed optimism: “India’s expanding textile sector presents exciting partnership opportunities. The rising demand for premium SUPIMA® cotton underscored the need to scale production to meet global standards.”

Peush Narang, CCI’s program representative in India and Sri Lanka, had emphasized, “Our partnership with India’s textile industry enhances competitiveness by using high-quality U.S. cotton, ensuring adherence to global standards. This collaboration leveraged COTTON USA™’s unique offerings, including supply chain traceability and technical support, setting it apart in the market.”

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