July 13, 2024
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New Direct Shipping Service Links India And South Carolina Ports

Ocean Network Express (ONE) has launched a new direct weekly shipping service, the West India North America (WIN) service, establishing a crucial link between India’s West Coast and South Carolina Ports. The inaugural arrival of the ONE Modern at the Wando Welch Terminal in the Port of Charleston marks the commencement of this service, according to a recent news release.

The WIN service is designed to connect India’s burgeoning manufacturing and export sectors, which produce a wide array of goods including electronics, food products, clothing, and retail items, with consumers in the U.S. East Coast. This new direct connection is particularly advantageous for shippers, offering a more efficient route to U.S. consumers, especially in the Southeast region, compared to routes through the U.S. West Coast.

“ONE’s decision to bring its new WIN service to Charleston underscores the competitiveness of our port market. We are excited to support their growth,” said SC Ports President and CEO Barbara Melvin. “Our strategic location in the Southeast provides access to a growing consumer base, and our highly productive operations will support the success of this new service.”

The WIN service is part of SC Ports’ robust offerings, which now include five weekly services to India. As the eighth-largest container port in the U.S., SC Ports is renowned for its reliable service and efficient rail connections, ensuring expedited delivery of goods to the market.

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