July 13, 2024

Trident Group Celebrating Mission Day in Honour of Workforce

The Trident Group with a mission to fostering an inclusive and empowering workplace for its employees commemorated its foundational milestone, Mission Day on April 15 in Sanghera and on April 18 in Budhni.

“Mission Day holds a special place in Trident’s calendar as it serves as a moment to recognise and appreciate the relentless dedication and unwavering commitment of its workforce,” Trident said in a press release.

Under the theme ‘Golden Hearts, Golden Trident,’ this year’s celebration is dedicated to honouring the invaluable contributions of Trident’s employees who have been the driving force behind the company’s achievements.

The celebrations include captivating performances, recognition and rewards, valuable insights into the mission, lively Bhangra dances, a mesmerising musical night all dedicated to fostering partnerships in prosperity.

In conjunction with Mission Day, Trident Group will dedicatedly showcase the remarkable journeys of Trident members who have been at the forefront of the organisation’s evolution.

“Through this initiative, Trident Group aims to celebrate the spirit of perseverance, innovation, and community engagement that defines its workforce,” the Rajinder Gupta led company added.

Under the theme ‘Golden Hearts, Golden Trident,’ the organisation places a strong emphasis on recognising and rewarding the contributions of its members.

It ensures that hard work and achievements are duly recognised and celebrated and its vision of ‘Partners in Prosperity’ underscores its commitment to fostering mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders.

The Golden Hearts of Trident exemplify the core values of honesty and integrity, continuous growth and development, teamwork and customer satisfaction.

Their dedication to upholding these values ensures that the organisation remains a trusted leader in the industry.

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