July 13, 2024
Technical Textile & Nonwoven

Dilo Temafa Announces Successful Sale Of Line Extension To Eco-Technilin

Dilo Temafa, a leading specialist in machinery and equipment for fiber preparation and natural fiber processing, is pleased to announce the successful sale of a line extension to **Eco-Technilin**. This new addition will complement an existing flax fiber preparation plant in France, enhancing fiber quality.

Eco-Technilin, a renowned producer of sustainable materials, has selected Dilo Temafa’s machines to expand its production capacity and improve efficiency. The plant expansion is specifically designed to clean flax scutcher tow more efficiently, meeting the high demands of modern manufacturing while increasing process stability and plant availability.

Dilo Temafa has been active in the natural fiber extraction industry for over thirty years, supplying numerous systems for processing bast fibers such as flax and industrial hemp. These fibers are utilized in various industries, including construction, automotive, nonwovens, and textiles, contributing significantly to reducing the ecological footprint.

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