July 15, 2024

“Prisma Best Yarn Clearer To Detect Basic Faults” – Loepfe

Optical Yarn Clearer manufacturer Loepfe said its Prisma simultaneous dual measurement is the most effective medium to detect basic faults in yarn quality control.

Prisma provides spinning mills with the best yarn quality, splice cycles and energy consumption and its optical infrared and mass sensors work in harmony, combining the two outputs into one signal.

“This ensures the most accurate fault detection and the most precise cut execution,” the Swiss company added.

The sensor takes into account factors like raw material, type of fault, length of the fault, and even hairiness, which results in the best recognition and classification of faults by length and intensity.

According to Leopfe, every sensor technology possesses its strengths and limitations. Even with an incorporated yarn clearing system, there may still be defects in the yarn that could result in potential complaints.

“Through the utilisation of yarn clearers, equipped with both optical and capacitive measurements, spinning mills are investing in comprehensive quality control,” the company stated.

“Prisma utilises two powerful sensor technologies and unique software for simultaneous signal processing, due to which its dual measurement capabilities remain unparalleled in today’s market,” Loepfe mentioned.

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